Monday, December 21, 2015

Newspaper bow How-to, first posted online Dec. 2009

Here's how to make a fun, economical newspaper bow:

1.  Select 2 sheets of funny pages for a slimmer bow, 3 for a fuller one.

 2.  Fold newspaper in half lengthwise. Now fold raw edge 1 1/2 inches.

3.  Snip folded edge to the fold, about every 5/8’s of an inch, being   
     careful to keep funny page folds neatly aligned.

4. Now roll up jelly roll-style, using small pieces of tape sparingly to secure
    rolled if needed. Take care to keep roll neat at the bottom.

5.  Slip in a 6-10 inch piece of folded twine at the beginning of the rolling
     process and near the middle so you can tie bow to gift.
     When you finish rolling up the newspaper secure the end with tape.

6. Now fan out each snipped section (2 or 3 layers depending on what you
    selected).  This will fill out your bow and give it volume.
7.  Attach to present.  To make the bow to stand out more, wrap your present in a
     grey, classified ads page.
If you live an damp climate, you may want to spray your bow with a strong hairspray to prevent it from sagging.

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