Monday, December 21, 2015

Lighthearted Gift Wrapping, an homage to Christmas' past -first posted online Dec. 6, 2009

My first Christmas morning in St. Louis, circa late 1950s, my stepfather Bob, Mom, little brother Mark and I drove out to see Bob’s Aunt D.  We’d just moving from Washington DC, where it was warmer.  St. Louis that morning was bitter cold, the sky leaden, air snowy.  Aunt D had hit upon hard times but managed to find a house of sorts behind Grant’s Farm for her and her children.

   It was a tar-paper shack.  Aunt D and the kids were delighted to see us, ushering us in.  I don't remember any lamps, just a shadowy space with a gas space heater that was like a king on a thrown, the heart of the house.  It was cranked up high, and cast a warm glow as well as making the place surprisingly toasty.

  In the box we brought, besides a turkey, bread, milk and eggs, was a poppy seed cake my Mom had made.  Aunt D grabbed plates and forks and we all tucked into the marvels of Polish baking.  Despite the gloomy surroundings Aunt D shined.  She had a rosy disposition (unlike her nephew) which filled her impoverished house with far more sunshine than our more middling apartment.

They had a lopsided fresh-cut scrub pine tree, wedged in a bucket, festooned with strung popcorn, and some hand-cut tin stars, made with tin snips, of the lions of Lyle’s Golden Syrup cans.  Nestled underneath the tree were a few forlorn presents wrapped in tape, a little string, the edges neatly folded and tucked under so they were securely wrapped.  Penciled in a corner was the recipient’s name.

The newspaper gift wrap was shocking to my more pampered eyes.  I’d never seen a present wrapped in anything but wrapping paper.  I’ve no recollection what Aunt D gave us.  But the recycled newsprint was my memory gift.

I bought no wrapping paper in 2003, a very expensive year for us.  Not until recently have I started to indulge again in one or two rolls of real wrapping paper.  

the year 2003, like the visit to Aunt D’s, was a reawakening of more simple values.  I’m ever on the lookout now for clever ways to make cost-free wrapping paper, for I’m a keen devotee of lovely wrappings.  Check out my next blog, Newspaper Bow for a photo guide on how to make this bow.


  1. Hi Carol,
    This story seems vaugely familiar, but I don't recall seeing this post previous to today.

  2. I first posted it over 10 years ago, maybe that's why 😎