Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Kit by Carol Wallwork 1st posted: 2/7/10

People living in the snow belt often tuck a winter kit in their trunk: Blanket, matches, newspapers, an old coffee can/improv potty, chocolate bars, kitty litter for traction, and jumper cables in case of a brake down at 10 below.  I’d like to expand the idea to include home & office winter kits. Here are a few timely items I find indispensable.

My ideal winter home kit includes:

KIND Fruit & Nut bars-
In the old days we used to
put half a dozen Hershey’s
chocolate bars in the winter kit.
KIND bars are an upscale version
-a mini nutritious meal!
210 calories for 1.6 oz.
$1.79 each

Patagonia long underwear-
These offer a more flattering
take on long underwear.
Instead of bulky, funny cotton
waffle weave, or break-the-bank Hanro’s,
You can easily set your home’s
thermostat 5-7 degrees cooler while
wearing Patagonia’s Capilene long johns.
They’re fast drying & come in snappy colors. 
$36-45/pair, depending on thickness

Thermohair socks-
Not a quantum leap in logic
to discover the Canadians
have mastered cold weather
socks.  These are extraordinary,
tested in Antarctica & Everest.
They work! I discovered them at the
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Goods from the Woods Expo held
every September.  If you live north of
the Mason-Dixon line, work outdoors,
or ski in Patagonia these socks will
do the trick.
$24/pair plus a small shipping charge.
Exceptional customer service. hot water bottles-
Nordic Style Design is located in
the Netherlands, & features a luscious
range of Finnish home textiles that
delightfully ease the burdens of winter.
Their hot water bottles are the finest
I’ve found, rugged yet flexible with
exquisitely woven wooly covers.
Their staff provides extraordinary
customer service, personally walking
you through international commerce.
$50 approximately, depending
on shipping (Check out my blog on
hot water bottles: Strategic heat...)